Balsamic Pearls


Amazing little jars of precious Pearls that seem caviar, but they are not! Jellified outside, each Pearl hides inside a liquid treasure. A bittersweet taste enriched by an exceptional aromatic power and a pleasantly acidity. The elegance and charm of these rare Pearls are now perfectly enhanced by a surprising new exclusive packaging to grab the attention of foodies and not only. In fact, it will become very soon a “must have” even in any restaurant kitchen thanks to our bigger jar of 200 gr for professional use!

Pairings: It’s delicious with starters such as caprese, bruschetta, and an endless list of salads. Lovely on raw fish: try them on sushi, maki rolls, smoked salmon, and seafood in general. It’s beautiful on vanilla ice cream and fruits (strawberries, raspberries, peaches). And if you are looking to sip something special, add the Pearls to your cocktails!

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